WPF Book

While travelling this week to Brisbane to teach a SQL Server 2005 class, I’ve been reading a book on WPF. “Programming Windows Presentation Foundation” by Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths. I must say I’ve been enjoying it. I like the casual writing style and the insights provided. It’s ISBN 0596101139.

Chris is a Microsoft Software Legend, along with Juval Lowy who we’ve got coming out to Australia in March to teach our Industrial Strength WCF Master Class.


CodeCampOz 2007 – Return to Wagga for April Fool’s Day

Hi folks,

Yep, it’s on again. Mitch Denny and I are pleased to announce that CodeCampOz 2007 will be held at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga on March 31st and April 1st 2007. Now in it’s 3rd year, CodeCampOz has been a bit hit with the local development community. We’d encourage you to come along and find out why.

Details are at: www.codecampoz.com.

Registrations can now be sent to registrations @ codecampoz.com.

Travel questions and car pooling questions can be sent to travel @ codecampoz.com.

General questions can be sent to info @ codecampoz.com.

A call for speakers is now happening. If you have an interest in presenting, please let us know now. Contact for speakers is speakers @ codecampoz.com. We’ll be closing off the speaker call on January 31st. While any topic will be considered (we love having outstanding topics), our current intention is to have a balance like:

Orcas: 3 sessions, WPF: 2 sessions, WCF: 2 sessions, WF: 1 session, WCS: 1 session, Sharepoint: 1 session, Office-related: 1 session, Other: 3 sessions