Announcing the Readify Developer Network

If you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra or you like to watch webcasts, we’ve got great news for you. We’re launching the Readify Developer Network, you’re invited and it’s free.

Our developer centre manager Darren Neimke has been posting lately about the issues involved with a virtual organisation. Darren makes the point that we’re more highly mobile than virtual but two of the challenges we need to deal with are having regular face to face interaction with our colleagues and training each other in newer technologies.

The Readify Developer Network was borne out of this. We’d decided to have a fortnightly gathering in each of the main cities that we operate in. That gives our staff a place that they know other members of our staff will be at, on a regular basis. We also decided to make it an opportunity to train each other on a variety of technologies and to build presentation experience amongst the staff. Why then, not make it public? So that’s what we’ve decided to do.

Each fortnight, there will be a Readify Developer Network event in each of the main cities. In fact our current plans are for there to be two of these in each town, to cater for audiences with different attendance needs.

How does this fit with existing user groups, etc.? We see this as a complement to existing groups and we’ll also be making the sessions we do available for user groups around the country where funding (which would typically need to be external) supports that. We’re keen to get a large number of our staff doing presentations as part of their professional development and we’re also mindful that we don’t want to swamp existing groups with our staff.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that corporate developers don’t tend to frequent the existing groups and as enterprise clients are mostly who we work with, we’re keen to create events that will appeal to them. In particular, we hope they will support it because of:

  • Very high quality sessions

  • Convenient CBD locations

  • Day and evening sessions available

  • Enterprise-focussed topics

  • Schedule planned and publicised well in advance

  • Consistent and regular schedule

  • Both primer (introductory) and depth topics at almost every session

Every session is to be presented by a staff member who is passionate and expert on the technologies involved.

We’ll have brochures on this at TechEd Australia. Come and visit the Readify booth and grab one but if you’d like to get your hands on one early, the brochure with the schedule for the first six months is available for download here.

If you live in one of the cities we’re working with initially, we’d love to see you take part. If you live outside these areas, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. We’re also planning to record each main session as a webcast after it’s the done the tour of the country.

We hope you’ll really like the RDN and make it part of your schedule into the future.

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  1. This is a great idea. But I can’t seem to find where the presentations will be, except the reference to ‘CBD locations’.

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