.NETWizard’s VS 2005 Lauch Event

.NETWizard’s VS 2005 Lauch event was a blast. It was a gr8 success. I being a UG Leader was expecting somewhere btw. 50-75 participants. But believe it or not we got more than 200 registrations and some 100 attendees and there were few more that got returned since the place was full. I was accompanied by two other new speakers, Naveed Bajwa (Technical Lead, KalSoft) and Naseem Siddiqui (Software Architect, KalSoft). Event went great. We distribute many PDC 2005 bags (Thanks for Microsoft), 3 Original VS Launch DVD Bundles including free exam vouchers, and one MS Press Book. We were also able to offer soda + subway sanwich roles to the participants, thanks to INETA Pakistan :).

During past week i have recieved many many emails appreciating the event and requests for more such activities. I would like to convey my thanks to Munir Usman, FAST.NET UG Leader and his team (specially Ali). I am also thankful to NED.NET UG Leader (Zeeshan Muhammad) for helping out in sorting things out at the venue and Sarfaraz Soomoro for every thing he did. I thank you all .NETWizards for making this event such a success. I am hoping we will keep on holding such offline activities whenever possible and will .NET Rocking!

Following are a few snaps from the event!

Naveed Bajwa Presenting Click Once

Hammad Rajjoub with Ready to Launch Introduction

Naveed Bajwa on Smart Clients

Audience: enjoying the show

Audience: careful and attentive

VS 2005 Launch Event by DotNetWizards

We are arranging a VS 2005 Launch Event on Decemeber 17, 2005. Agenda will include intorduction to VS 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006. We will also be distributing goodies including original DVDs of VS 2005/SQL 2005/MSDN, PDC Bags, VS 2005 Launch Kits, and other stuff*.

Make sure you dont miss out on learning these new exciting technologies and goodies 😉 !

Event: VS 2005 Launch Event
Venue: NU-Fast City Campus (Karachi)
Date: Dec, 17, 2005
Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

To register for the event drop me an email at hammad.rajjoub@Gmail.com with subject “VS 2005 Launch Registration”. Or You can post a comment at this blog entry.

*Goodies and other gifts are available only to registered participants.

ps: pass this message to others as well.

VS 2005 Launch at PAF KIET

Yesterday we did a VS 2005 Launch Session at PAF KIET . That was second the launch activity by INETA Pakistan. I was accompanied by Adnan Farooq (MVP) and Naveed Bajwa (my colleague at KalSoft). Event was attended by some 50-60 students + faculty members. We also introduced Imagine Cup 2006 and INETA to the audience. Adnan started off the proceedings with introduction to INETA. I followed it up with introducing Imagine Cup 2006 and VS 2005 Launch. Then I invited Naveed Bajwa to present on Smart Clients technology in VS 2005. Naveed handed over the mic to me and then i ended presentation with an introduction to SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006. We also showed a video for VS2005 launch address by Steve Ballmer. After the presentation we distributed the goodies amongst the audience, thank to Microsoft Pakistan. Then in the end Dean CS Mr Arshad presented us with shields and we headed back towards our offices and workplaces.

Adnan Farooq being presented a shield.


Naveed Bajwa delivering a speech on Smart Clients.


Thats me (Hammad Rajjoub 😉 )

Microsoft ACE Award

The Award for Customer Excellence (ACE) program was created to reward and recognize customers who have demonstrated enthusiasm for Microsoft® products.

I have been given Microsoft ACE (Award for Customer Excellence) Award for VS 2005. I recieved an email from Microsoft ACE program and couldnt belive it. I am happy and elated! Its a second achievement the first one being Microsoft MVP Award. I hope and wish to Almighty Allah that I am gonna conitnue on this path! Wish me Good Luck!

BizTalk Server 2006 Accelerators

Microsoft has released following BizTalk Server 2006 Accelerator Beta2s:

· Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA 3.3
· Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 1.3
· Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.3
· Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT 2.3


I am really glad to see SWIFT Accelerator being made avaialble. Its an awesome oppurtunities for Banks and other financial institutes that are connected to SWIFT network to try BizTalk 2006 and see the value it adds to EAI as well as other domains.

VS 2005 Launch in Pakistan

ast week we had official VS 2005 Launches in Lahore and Karachi respectively. Microsoft Paksitan had invited Chad Hower and Aseel Mansour as presenters for MSDN and TechNet Tracks respectively. I had known Aseel Mansour last PDC in Karachi (June 2005) and he is a cool speaker. But meeting Chad Hower was really great. He is a Regional .NET Developer Advisor (DPE DE) for the Middle East and Africa region. I had a detailed discussion with him about how to proceed with user group activities in the region and what INETA and MVPs can do in this regard. We also talked about re-vamping the reporting structure for INETA based UGs and more effectively reaching out user groups with quarterly kits. There was also a discussion about holding day long technical workshops in Miscorosft Partner Universities. We are expecting him to be with us by Feb/March 2006.


Chad distributing goodies amongs participants after end note.

For the launch events, they went pretty good. According to Chad and other people, audience at Lahore were more appreciative and active in the events as compared to Karachiites. I believe Chad/Aseel did a great job in the launch events and got audience interested in what ever they presented. Venues were spaced out, a lot people were returned back due to shortage of space.


Zeeshan Muhammad helping out audience with understanding workings of INETA User Groups.


Sarfaraz Soomro answeing particpants queries on MVP program

Closing note was cool. We were able to run Imagine Cup intro video as well. But the past part of the whole show was the video that Chad and Aseel played, it was titled Microsoft Sharing The Pain of Customers 🙂 awesome and funny, i wont write down the details but i bet it is hilarious enought to get you rolling on the floor.