weighing the web!

I came across this interesting post.

It states interesting things like:

cyberspace weighs less than two ounces
each person alive today has six watts of computational power at the disposal of their twenty watt brain
power consumption of the Web approaching fifty million horsepower

I will strongly recommend to read this interesting article 🙂

Mobile 2.0: What to do you say?

Its always interesting to know things about up coming trends and technologies. So if you have heard of Web 2.0 a lot, lately then now get ready for another 2.0, no its not .Net 2.0 – .net is in 3.0 already ;). I am referring to Mobile 2.0. A term that has started being coined recently. I read about Mobile 2.0 here, here and here. You can read more about through this.

All of the above mentioned posts mention interesting points. I think the beauty and real offering of Mobile 2.0 can also include

1) Location based services
2) Feature Rich applications

1) Location Based Services: I remember when I was doing a course on Emerging Technologies and we studied WAP/WML in that. We discussed about location based services using push technologies. It was really amusing to think scenarios like, by passing near a cinema would push you a list of movies being shown along with their timings and ticket prices etc. And a lot of other similar possibilities always got us excited. A lot of such ideas haven’t materialized yet. And this could well be the feature of Mobile 2.0. Connectivity standards like Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi and Infra Red could well become the means of such a context and location based services and hence really taking the mobile experience to a greater & smarter level.

2) Feature Rich Applications: A lot of mobile devices are packing more computational muscles meaning that more feature rich applications can be offered from these devices. Who would not like to have word processors and spread sheet applications running on mobile devices? Who would not like to access critical business applications from mobile devices? Such applications will enables mobile devices in a transition from “just a call/text device” to a “business machine”!

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