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More on Composite Architecture

As i posted earlier that i will be presenting @ IASA Singapore’s chapter evening. It turned out to be an interesting session and i got the chance to interact with the audience and hear their pain points on composite architecture and enterprise mashups.

Enteprisewise initiatives, sharing data across services/apps and need for top quality tools came out as the most crucial elements to the success of composite architecture. I also heard some interesting remarks from the audience. One of the gentlement mentioned that there is nothing that composite arch/enterprise mashup offers that couldnt be done with traditional apps/services. I’d say lets look at this analogy:

“if you are travel from point x to y, you could either walk, run, ride a horse, drive, commute through train, or fly in a plane. Ofcourse it will depend on the distance b/w x and y. Among other things it will also depend on your mind set and approach. if you want to cover the distance in excess of hundreds of kilometers by riding a horse then God speed. Surely you will get there but the question is how much will it cost you in terms of time and effort”

I strongly believe in composite arhictecture and enterprise mashups. This truly leads to realization of potential promised by SOA. 

Speaking @ IASA Singapore Event

I will be talking about Composite Architecture @ IASA Singapore’s monthly chapter evening. I will discuss how the software architecture paradigm is shifting in response to agile
enterprises. This talk will intend to de-mystify composite architecture
and then in the end present available tools and technologies that can
be used to build applications and services that are based on composite
If you are in or around Singapore on 17th of July 2008 then feel free to join us.

Venue is :9 Temasek Boulevard | #35-03 Suntec Tower Two | Singapore 038989

For directions click here

User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise

<dotNetBulls/> hosted their first technical event on 11th of March, 2008. Topic for this event was “Web 2.0 in Enterprise” and it was hosted by Linda Chong, from Microsoft. Linda Chong works for Microsoft in the capacity of Architect Evangelist and she has 12 years of extensive experience on management, consulting, evangelism, architecture design/review, pre-sales engagement and systems integration in the areas of SOA, Web 2.0, e-business/e-commerce and enterprise application integration (EAI). Event started with Hammad Rajjoub introducing <dotNetBulls/> and speaker.

Linda started off with talking about Software + Services and Web 2.0 and where it stands today and then moved towards Microsoft’s Silverlight and its applications in local/international market. It was a successful event that saw a conference room filled with geeks, snacks (thanks to SDC) and guest speaker engaged in technical dialogue for more than an hour.

Writing Technical Whitepaper!

As I said in the previous post that I have been busy working on a real-time trading platform. Before launching our  product we had to come up with a technical white paper stating its technical intricacies. So I ended up writing it. After many revisions finally it was approved for publishing on the web. I have uploaded the same to my blog ( attachment available with this post). Tell me how do you find it.

Presenting "Service Oriented Architecture" @ American University in Dubai

I am invited to present a session on "Understanding Service Oriented Architecture" tomorrow at American University in Dubai. I will post the presentation once the event is done.


The event at AUD went absolutely great. I reached there just in time and had a very good session. It was very interactive and faculty members from AUD also participated actively, making it much more useful and interesting. I took a bottom up approach and based my talk around resuability, talked about patterns, idioms, frameworks and architecture in general. Then i statred talking about service orientation in general and the set of problems that it solves. I got a lot of questions during this part of my presentation and i really like that level of interaction from audience. Then moved onto SOA and gave a few examples of how it can be used to solve those previously mentioned problems.

Overall it was a very good session and I was told that the attendance was a 2 year high at AUD campus.

I will attach presentation with this post soon.