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WCF Interoperability with Sun Metro

I read this useful article @ InfoQ ( Its really interesting to see how top distributed computing technologies at Sun (Metro) and Microsoft (WCF) are interoperable. On the very basic level all the web services are supposed to be interoperable on WS-I basic profile. But when it comes to more advances WS-* protocols like WS-Security, WS-Atomic Transaction, WS-Reliable Messaging etc. thats when interoperability problems come to the surface. Its a great initiative from Sun and Microsoft. For more details on the interoperability results do check out Harold Carr’s blog(

Free .Net 3.0 Clincs!

On behalf of MS Learning and the WPF team, I am happy to announce the availability of .NET Framework 3.0 eLearning clinics. This collection includes a 2 hour premium WPF eClinic as well! For WPF, we also used Captivate to demo WPF runtime apps, which result in a much richer experience than what you would expect in traditional eClinic demos. Check them out, and spread the word.  


Availability: Immediate


Pricing: FREE till launch of .NET FX. US $9.99 after that.


Spread the word: Please spread the word with your customers on community portal and Newsletters. Bloggers: Please blog about this, especially the fact that these are FREE till launch. This will also help create awareness prior to launch.



More Context: Collection 5134: Developing Rich Experiences with Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.0 and Visual Studio® 2005

This collection of 3 2-hour premium clinics teaches about the new capabilities provided by the .NET Framework 3.0. These clinics are for experienced Developers and Software Architects who are looking to adopt Microsoft's next generation technology within their solutions.

Topics covered within the collection include:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Windows Communication Foundation