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MVP Summit – 2008

I am back from MVP Summit 2008 that took place in Seattle last week. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that was offered during the summit. From the Toby’s welcome note to speech by Sean O Driscoll to the break out sessions that took place in Building # 43 @ Redmond Campus to the key notes by Ray Ozzie and Steve Balmer, it was an enlightening experience.

I would like to point out to a news article posted by Seattle times here. I will be looking forward to attend next years summit that is scheduled for March 1-4th, 2009.

I will blog shortly about Connected System SDRs.

Geeks 2.0 coming up!

Dubai Geek's Developers conference Last year Dubai saw for the first time a hugely successful Microsoft Developer Conference which was titled as Geeks. It was absolutely great experience being there. I got to meet speakers from Microsoft Corp & .Net Palm was also launched during this event.

So far so good so good for the history 🙂 .

Now the good news, Microsoft is coming up with the second episode of Geeks developer conference in the end of March. Itenerary hasnt been finalized but i am sure it will be bigger and better this time.

So keep your fingers crossed and get ready for another GEEK event!