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Gulf Developer Podcast series 09

I am extremely pleased to announce the very first ‘Microsoft.Net focused podcast series in Gulf’. Let me give you a little bit of background first and then we can drill down into the details of who, what, how and when.

Having been in Dubai, on and off, for past 4-5 years and being Microsoft MVP all the while has given me an oppurtunity to work with local developer communities here in the Gulf. In terms of dev communities, Kwait (with dotnetboom and Qatar (with oryx dev have been successful with setting up their user groups. Unfortunately we dont have similar success story for the UAE in particular and the rest of Gulf in general.

The Motivation
This lack of dev community itself is a biggest motivation for trying to bring all the developers on a common platform. Objectives include empowering regional Microsoft developers with relevant technical content on Microsoft Platform, presenting topics in English/Arabic, sharing ideas, learning from each others experiences/mistakes and above all finding an oppurtunity to get in touch with like minded professionals across the region.

The Idea
From years of experience we have learned that its difficult to get developers to come and attend user group events in the emirates. Generally this is attributed to problems related to ‘commuting’ to and from the event venues as well as lack of well designed event calendar(schedule).
To mitigate these potential issues, myself and Anton (from Microsoft Dubai) agreed on hosting a developer podcast series. The idea was discussed when Somasegar was visiting Microsoft Dubai and hosted local dev community for an informal talk/lunch at Microsoft Dubai office in DIC – Dubai Internet City last month.

The Plan
The plan, as i said, is to host a series of sessions targetting regional developer community. Come up with a clear agenda and share the detailed schedule with the developers so that they can mark their calendars and look forward to the events that they think are most relevant for them. Upload all the podcasts to MSDN Channel 9 so that the content can be downloaded easily (and be listened to while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road ;)).

The Schedule
I will be posting a detailed calendar in next 2-3 weeks but tentatively we have agreed on following dates and topics:-

1- Agile 101 presented by Hammad Rajjoub on 7/8th October 2009
2- Win 7 for Developers by XXXXX on 27/28 October 2009
3- Whats new in WCF 4.0 by XXXXX on 17/18 November 2009

Ofcourse this is an initial draft and we would like to get the feedback from the community and let them choose the content thats most relevant for them.

Whats Next
– Watch out this space for more details as we finalize the plan and confirm the content/date/speaker tuples.
– Follow us on Twitter for instant updates.
– Provide us with your feedback on twitter or this blog post

MVP Summit – 2008

I am back from MVP Summit 2008 that took place in Seattle last week. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that was offered during the summit. From the Toby’s welcome note to speech by Sean O Driscoll to the break out sessions that took place in Building # 43 @ Redmond Campus to the key notes by Ray Ozzie and Steve Balmer, it was an enlightening experience.

I would like to point out to a news article posted by Seattle times here. I will be looking forward to attend next years summit that is scheduled for March 1-4th, 2009.

I will blog shortly about Connected System SDRs.

Microsoft Makes Strategic Changes in Technology and Business Practices to Expand Interoperability

Microsoft today announced a set of broad-reaching changes to its
technology and business practices to increase the openness of its
products and drive greater interoperability, opportunity and choice.
These changes are codified into four new interoperability principles
and corresponding actions: 1) ensuring open connections; 2) promoting
data portability; 3) enhancing support for industry standards; and 4)
fostering more open engagement with customers and the industry,
including open source communities.

Audio Recording & Transcript: Press Conference Call with Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzie, Bob Muglia and Brad Smith

Video Highlights from the Press Conference (1 min 50 sec)


All these 4 points represent a major initiative from Microsoft and i am particularly interested in data interoperability, enhancing support for industry standards and  more engagement with open source communitities. It will be interesting to see which direction does data interoperatbility take. Are we going to have some standardization of LINQ related initiatives? 

Micorosft has already opened up parts of its code for developers to debug through the .net platform. Its just an amazing stuff from Microsoft! 

MSDN Code Gallery launched

Microsoft launched its MSDN Code Gallery yesterday. According to Somasegar

The MSDN Code Gallery is a portal for snippets, samples and other resources.  In it you can find pages that describe samples and supporting documents including screenshots and design documents.  In addition, you will find hosted conversations about these samples, sample projects or other resources that have been provided to the community.  This destination is open to the entire community to contribute content to.

What it means for developers like you and me is that its a place where we can share and download code snippets more in the context of community than that of organized project/work streams. That is, Code Gallery will server purely as content repository minus project management.

If you are interested in managing live projects etc. then you can use Microsoft’s another offering called CodePlex

So happy code gallerying!