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FakeAV – Attacks continue to grow in number

As evidenced by friends I’ve recently helped, there is a tremendous growth in the number of FakeAV attacks circulating.  Some of the recent Facebook or email scams provide ways of infecting vulnerable systems with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Always be careful with links and in installing any type of software, as only trusted sources should be used.  Some great statistics on these trends are provided by McAfee in the link below.

Fake AV – Attacks continue to grow in number

QUOTE:  Fake-alert Trojans, also known as scareware, fool consumers by claiming imaginary threats, and insisting its victims purchase a product to repair the “infected” systems. They exist in Windows and Macintosh environments.  In my recent report explaining this threat, I included a table showing the approximate number of scareware products with their known release dates:

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