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FAKEAV – MacDefender is the first attack designed for Mac OSX systems

The first FAKEAV attacks have surfaced for Mac OSX systems as noted below:

FAKEAV – MacDefender is the first attack designed for Mac OSX systems

QUOTE: MacDefender showed up on the radar last week, as the first fake Anti-Virus (AV) ScamWare for MacOSX. Currently, its distributed under a couple of different names (that all display the same functionality); MacDefender, MacProtector, and “Mac Security”. In the Windows world this flavor of malware has existed for years, enticing unsuspecting users into installing bogus AV software under the guise of the client machine being infected.

Then once it scares you into believing you’re infected, it asks for your credit card information in order to purchase the application that will “fix” the infection. In the Security realm we see this all the time on Windows systems, but I’m guessing the Mac user community doesn’t have much experience with this type of scam.

Websites and advertisements on them, have been claiming to detect the presence of malware on PCs for a long time. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book and many people still fall for it. The Internet is akin to the old strip in Las Vegas, confidence tricksters and scam artists on every block, all looking to take money from gullible tourists. Don’t be fooled, educate yourselves and your users, learn to recognize the scams and how to deal with them.

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