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Mozilla Firefox 5 BETA Available

Last week, Firefox 5b was installed and it is working well in early testing.  Currently, no extensions are being used as that is often a root cause for incompatibility issues. As with any beta version, only experienced professionals who can resolve technical issues should test this new product.

Mozilla delivers Firefox 5 beta on schedule

QUOTE: As befits the more frequent release schedule that Mozilla staked out last month, Firefox 5 sports relatively few major changes. The two that Mozilla called out in a blog post Friday were support for the CSS (cascading style sheets) animation standard — which has yet to win formal approval from the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards group — and the inclusion of a “channel switcher” that lets users flip between Firefox’s three editions of Aurora, Beta and Release.

Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari already support CSS animations. Firefox 5 contains many more under-the-hood changes than Mozilla called out, however. The company listed 1,053 stability and other fixes in the detailed release notes accompanying the preview. Firefox 5’s user interface is identical to its predecessor, Firefox 4, which launched two months ago.

Under the new Firefox development regime, Mozilla engineers will add features as they’re completed, rather than hold them while all work on the next upgrade is completed. If a feature presents problems during testing — say in the Aurora channel — it will be yanked, then re-inserted into a later cycle after fixes have been applied.

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