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Google Plus – Beware of Survey Scam

A new survey scam is circulating which tries to capitalize on the popularity of Google Plus, so that folks potentially offer up sensitive personal information.  Please avoid this new scam and use only direct invites from Google to participate in this new facility.

Survey Scam Offer Google+ Invites

QUOTE:  The release of Google+ was dubbed another try by Google to take on Facebook, which is currently the most popular networking site. Its launch was well-accepted by the public. So well even, that Google had to disable the sending of invites to new users (sign in was initially available through invites only) due to “insane demand”.  We haven’t found any threats within Google+, however we’ve recently encountered a website that leverages the recent demand for Google+ invites, despite the network now being open to everyone.  The site claims to offer downloadable invites. Trying to download an invite leads to a list of surveys that the user must answer in order to get the invite.

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