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DNSChanger Malware – FBI extends cleaning deadline until July 9th

The Ariva security blog documents an extension by FBI to take down machines infected with the DSNChanger malware.  Previously this was set to March 8th and was extended to July 9th as over 1/2 million computers are still infected.

More time to clean up the DNSChanger malware

QUOTE: We wrote about the DNSChanger malware and about the Avira tool which detects if your computer’s DNS settings were altered and restores the defaults in case they were changed by the malware. The FBI initially announced that the servers which were replacing the malicious ones will be shut down on March 8, 2012. This is today… but the DNS servers still function.  According to the FBI, there are close to 500.000 computers which still use the DNS settings set up by the malware. Because of this, it was decided to prolong the deadline until July 9th. So, this gives the affected users another four months time to clean up their computers.  In order to detect if your computer is infected and to clean it, use the Avira Antivirus products and the DNSChanger repair tool to restore the DNS settings to normal.

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