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Windows 8 Consumer preview – Several recent evaluations

CIO Magazine referenced several recent evaluations of Windows 8 Consumer preview as noted below

QUOTE: So as expected, Windows 8 Consumer Preview is divisive. With that said, here’s a rundown of reactions to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from IDG sites as well as around the Web, divided into “dig it”, “hate it”, “kinda confused by it”, and “It’s pretty good for a beta.”

Dig It

Windows 8 Metro UI: A Bold New Face for Windows (PCWorld)

I’ve Been A Mac User For 11 Years And This Is The First Time I’m Excited To Use A PC (Business Insider)

A Huge Radical Rethinking of Windows (New York Times)

Hate It

Windows 8 May Drive Me to Linux (ExtremeTech)

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: ‘Windows Frankenstein’ (Infoworld)

Windows 8’s Metro UI: 7 Things You May Just Hate (PCWorld)

Kinda Confused By It

Windows 8: Attention Consumers, Do NOT Download It Yet (

Windows 8: No Touch, No Fun (Networkworld)

Windows 8: Something Old, Something Awkward (Infoworld)

It’s Pretty Good, for a Beta

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A First Look at Microsoft’s New Operating System (ABC News)

Windows 8 Consumer Preview First Impressions: Still More for Tablets than Traditional PCs (Computerworld)

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A Call for Common Sense (Supersite for Windows)

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