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Facebook – New More granular site ADMIN rights implemented

Facecrooks Security shares how administrators for large corporate sites can set authoring rights on a more granular level than in the past.

How to Set Admin Roles for your Facebook Page

QUOTE: Finally, Facebook is allowing multiple roles for page administrators! Prior to this feature, giving someone admin access to a Facebook page was an all or nothing thing. All admins had complete and total access to the page. Obviously, this posed huge security risks on many different levels and made it way too easy for pages to be hi-jacked or deleted. Also, if any admin had their Facebook account compromised, then pages under their control were in jeopardy.  Now all of that has changed and page owners can breathe a sigh of relief. Pages can have admins assigned with the following roles:

1. Manager
2. Content Creator
3. Moderator
4. Advertiser
5. Insights Analyst


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