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Malware – 8 Million unique malware variants detected Q2 2012

McAfee is reporting that malware attacks were active, spreading to mobile devices and remains highly polymorphic during the second quarter.

QUOTE: The bad guys are winning the war on cybercrime: Computer viruses, trojans and web attacks are soaring at their fastest pace in four years. In its quarterly “Threats Report,” McAfee said that it had found more than 8 million new kinds of malware in the second quarter, up 23% from the first quarter. There are now more than 90 million unique strands of malware in the wild, the security company said.

Windows PCs remain by far the largest targets for malicious cyberattacks, but hackers are targeting other devices too, including Apple Macintosh computers and mobile phones. “Attacks that we’ve traditionally seen on PCs are now making their way to other devices,” said Vincent Weafer, head of McAfee Labs. “This report highlights the need for protection on all devices that may be used to access the Internet.”

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