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Mobile PWN2OWN conference – Android and iPhone 4s models hacked

The Android and Apple iOS operating systems were hacked during the recent Mobile PWN2OWN contest. Users constantly need to be careful with links, avoid unfamiliar apps, stay updated on patches and carefully read every prompt during an install.

QUOTE: Today MWR Labs demonstrated an Android vulnerability at the EuSecWest Conference in Amsterdam. The demonstration of the 0day exploit took place at the Mobile Pwn2Own competition. The exploit was developed in a team effort between our South African and UK offices. The vulnerability was found and the exploit was developed by Tyrone and Jacques in South Africa and Jon and Nils in the UK.

MWR showed an exploit against a previously undiscovered vulnerability on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone running Android 4.0.4. Through NFC it was possible to upload a malicious file to the device, which allowed us to gain code execution on the device and subsequently get full control over the device using a second vulnerability for privilege escalation. The same vulnerability could also be exploited through other attack vectors, such as malicious websites or e-mail attachments.

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