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Apple iPhone5 – Review from Intego security

Recent review of the new iPhone 5 by Intego security

QUOTE: So, the question at the end of the day boils down to “is it worth it?” Thinner, lighter, better battery life… these are all things we have come to expect, but they don’t tip the scales of decision when you have a perfectly good iPhone 4S in your pocket. I would argue that the iPhone 5 is absolutely worth the money (assuming you have carrier-subsidized upgrade pricing), and for a few reasons that Apple didn’t push home the way I would have liked.

They focused on the screen, which, sure, is nicer and bigger and more color-saturated, but ultimately is just a feature spec they had to introduce in order to match their competitors. I see the biggest change as more internal, and it’s the LTE chip that now powers the device’s network connection. This isn’t just faster, this is radically faster. When the iPhone evolved from EDGE to 3G, it made a huge difference in everyone’s experience of the device, from surfing the web to how apps performed and the kinds of data we could consume.

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