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Facebook – New Help Center

As noted below Facebook’s New Help Center is improved and easier to use

QUOTE: On Tuesday, the world’s largest social network rolled out a new, slick and very streamlined version of the Help Center it first introduced in 2007, a revamp that serves both users and Facebook’s recent settlement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding user privacy. What’s more, this slick, streamlined update to the site’s tech support section is so easy to navigate, you’ll wonder why Facebook won’t make your headache-inducing Timeline this intuitive.

“We are pleased to announce a new, more streamlined design for the Help Center, and the rollout of our Support Dashboard to the international Facebook community,” Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said in a statement. “Both of these tools aim to provide the people who use our service with access to the information they need from Facebook as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These resources demonstrate our commitment to transparency and our continued effort to ensure that the people who use Facebook can create the experience that is right for them.”   The new Help Center will come as a welcome change to Facebook users who’ve every found themselves lost among user-posted questions answered by other users with questionable degrees of veracity.

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