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Facebook – Timeline Change coming in early 2013

The new Collections Manager will allow improved user tailoring of desired categories.

QUOTE: Remember the Facebook Timeline changes some users started to notice in December? The ones that include a row of fresh options at the top of the page, below your picture, and the banishment of “Maps” and thumbnail images?  Well, the changes appear to be rolling out for all Facebook users in New Zealand, where it’s already Wednesday. And they include a surprising new “Collections Manager” feature that lets you customize all that content at the top of your Timeline, as well as the ability to rearrange the right-hand column.    According to the Kiwis contacted by Mashable, there’s another feature we didn’t know about previously. The Timeline change also offers the ability to “rearrange” the boxes in the right-hand column (Likes, Photos, Map and so on). Previously, you could only choose to hide them altogether. The order of the boxes at the top of the page is now determined by a “Collections Manager”:

Please note potential for new scams:

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