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Boston Marathon tragedy – Fake charities quickly surface

As in past major events, please watch out for fraud, scams, and malware attacks.  It is recommended to only donate to mainstream official sites (e.g., American Red Cross). I continue to prayfully remember all who were impacted yeserday.

QUOTE: Twitter can be an amazing tool in the wake of a tragedy. However, it can also be used by amazing tools, like the guy who created a fake Boston Marathon twitter promising to donate $1 for Boston Marathon victims for every retweet. Astute Twitterers noticed that the account was brand new, wasn’t verified and had a suspicious dearth of followers. They quickly started calling it out for callously exploiting a tragedy, and the account (with its creator still unknown) has since been suspended. Thank you, Twitter, for consistently providing a platform for the best and worst of humanity, and good on you,

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