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Privacy – Corporate security monitoring of employee activities

This article shares the latest developments in monitoring employee activites for security purposes.  It also shares challenges of personal device activity (BYOD) in corporate setting

QUOTE: The idea of a totalitarian government monitoring your every move is probably still the stuff of fiction, but that doesn’t mean your boss doesn’t have a pretty good idea of your workday habits. Experts say an abundance of fast-developing new technology is making it cheaper and easier for employers to read your e-mails, check out what you’ve been looking at on the Internet, track where you go with a company car or cell phone and find out when and where you were at work.

Of course, employers have good reason to want to know whether employees are stealing corporate secrets, sending out harassing e-mails or just goofing off on the job. But experts say many companies are still trying to figure out a balance between monitoring wrongdoing and just plain snooping.

Employers generally have the right to monitor employee e-mails and other online activity that happens at work, or even on a company cell phone or corporate network, said Lothar Determann, a partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP in Palo Alto, Calif., and author of “Determann’s Field Guide to International Data Privacy Law Compliance.” But they can only do so if they make clear to their employees that workers should have no expectation of privacy.

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