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New Yahoo Phishing Scam – Example of May 2013 attack

As the Yahoo spam filtering did not catch this new incident circulating, this new attack was discovered in my inbox this morning.

However IE 10 shows the malicious URL when hovering link

The social engineering behind these attacks is to create anxiety for the user

If they do not carefully check, they can disclose their user credentials for email or other personal information to unauthorized users.


—– Forwarded Message —– From: Yahoo!(c) Mail Inc <spoofed-email-address>

To: Harry Waldron

Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:03 PM Subject: **********Validate Your Account**********?

Account Information

Yahoo has discovered series of illegal attempts on your Account from a bad IP Location and will shut down your account as it has been flagged as a spam account. We are hereby  suspending you account as it has been used for fraudulent purposes.. Click Here <Non-Yahoo-URL-malicious-site> to restore your account.  Thank you for being a loyal Yahoo!  Mail user.Regards,Yahoo!  Account Services

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