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Oklahoma Tornado charitable organization scams and malware

The ISC warns to please be careful of emails, links, mobile donations, etc. associated with recent disaster in Oklahoma.  It is always best to donate to the most mainstream organizations such as the Red Cross to ensure monies will go to those in need.

QUOTE: I find it sad that in times when people are facing disaster, many have died, others missing, and the survivors facing having lost everything that there are scumbags who will try to take advantage. Be very wary of any charity that is raising funds for victims of any disaster, particularly one that has not been around for very long. There are many legit charities, I would recommend sticking to ones you are already familiar with. The American Red Cross for example has been around for a long time, does amazing work, and is always in need of funding. They are just one example of a well established charity that does good work and is already involved in helping out in Moore, Oklahoma.

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