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Android – Applications that may send passwords in clear text

Android and other mobile phone applications may be programmed to send passwords in clear text rather than the more secure encrypted format.  Users should be careful and use differing passwords among websites just in case accidental discovery occurs

QUOTE: The focus is on apps leaking user data, as identified by BitDefender. Some apps may collect more data than they need. Others may be exposing device IDs and email addresses without warning users. And there are a handful transmitting passwords as plain text, making it possible for anyone eavesdropping to intercept that data. People have a bad habit of reusing passwords across multiple accounts. Ask yourself this question: If someone gets a hold of your password to one account, would that person be able to try out that password with your email address to try to log in to your email? Social networking account? Bank accounts? Online shopping?  If the answer is yes, you have a serious problem, especially if you use any of the following apps.

[1] TalkBox Voice Messenger—PTT

[2] Muzy—Share photos & collages

[3] FreeBooks & Stories—Wattpad

[4] Sonalight Text by Voice

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