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Facebook – Kim Kommando shares how to avoid Zeus Banking trojan

Kim Komando, who hosts a popular consumer radio¬†show, released a¬†security bulletin on how folks are getting infected …

The malware in question is called “Zeus.” In most cases, it looks like a funny or shocking video one of your friends posted. It may be posted on their page or in a message to you. Once you click the link to the “video,” it will tell you that you need to update the player to watch the video.

When you try to do that, you download the virus. When you click the “Play” button, you’re actually clicking “Like” on the virus page. It will spread the link to all of your friends to try to infect them. Don’t fall for it. If you get a message from your friend, ask them if they meant to send it. In most cases, they won’t even know that they are spamming you.

Summary can be found here also of this dangerous new FB threat

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