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Microsoft EMET 4.0 vulnerability assessment tool release

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) version 4.0 is now available for download and below are key links:

QUOTE: “The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is designed to help prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. Software vulnerabilities and exploits have become an everyday part of life. Virtually every product has to deal with them and consequently, users are faced with a stream of security updates. For users who get attacked before the latest updates have been applied or who get attacked before an update is even available, the results can be devastating: malware, loss of PII, etc.”

EMET 4.0 features and updates incude:

1. Certificate Trust, mitigations improvement hardening, and the Early Warning Program 2. Redesigned User Interface 3. Configuration Wizard 4. Changes in Certificate Trust 5. Updated Group Policy profiles

SPECIAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (found in first link above): If you have EMET 4.0 Beta or EMET 3.5 Technical Preview installed on the system, you will need to uninstall them before installing EMET 4.0, and you will need to remove EMET’s configuration from the registry, by deleting the special registry hives as follows ….

EMET 4.0 can be downloaded from:

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