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Twitter Security – June 2013 Apple Giveaway spam run

There usually “no free iPad3 tablets” being given away on the Internet.  Most free offers are social engineering traps set by the bad guys.

QUOTE: Randomly sending messages to Twitter users, the account “Apple Giveaway” asks users to visit a malicious site with a variety of different messages:

“You are invited to get a new Apple iPad 3. Claim your reward” “You have been invited to obtain a brand new Apple iPad 3. Claim your prize” “You are chosen to get a brand-new Apple iPad3!!!! Claim your prize” “You have been picked to get a brand new Apple iPad 3. Claim your prize” “The offer is available today only June 14, 2013”

You’ll also notice they write the URL in a number of formats – presumably in an attempt to avoid tripping any spam filters. You’ve been selected to participate in our monthly survey. This will only take 30 seconds of your time and your feedback will enhance user experience. For completing the survey we’ll offer you a choice of a few exclusive prizes.

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