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Firefox 23 – Offers Security improvements

Version 23 has just been released and below are key features:

QUOTE: Firefox 23, the newest version of the Web browser released Tuesday, has an updated look for its well-known fox logo and adds new features, including one that will help protect users from what’s known as “man-in-the-middle attacks” and from eavesdroppers on Web pages labeled as secure.

If you’ve purchased anything online, for example, you know to make sure a Web page starts out with “https” instead of “http” before plunking your money down. The “s” means that the Web page is secure and encrypted. But sometimes https pages include content on them that is not secure. From now on, if you’ve hit upon such a page, Firefox will block what is known as “mixed content” by default. It’s something that Internet Explorer and Chrome does as well.

“For example, an attacker could replace an image served over HTTP with an inappropriate image or a misleading message to the user,” writes Tanvi Vyas of Firefox’s security engineering team. “However, the attacker would not have the ability to affect the rest of the webpage, only the section of the page where the image is loaded. An attacker could infer information about the user’s browsing activities by watching which images are served to the user.”

The revamped Firefox logo, which includes a brighter tail and features on the firefox, wasn’t just because Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind the Web browser, had nothing better to do. With more and more users doing their Web browsing from smartphones and tablets, Mozilla wants to make sure its logo is more easily visible on smaller screens.

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