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Facebook – New Profile View scam in August 2013

Facecrooks security notes new version of this scam currently circulating.  Facebook does not track who views user profiles (and FB users should avoid this)

QUOTE: First off, the sketchy domain name you are redirected to should be a huge red flag. If you choose to continue then you are taken to a Facebook application login screen. We decided to stop here, but it’s pretty safe to assume that you are logging in to a rogue app and this is how the scam is spreading from user to user.  It’s important to remember that anything offering to show you who has viewed or visited your profile is certain to be a scam. Facebook doesn’t allow developers access to the data required to create such apps or extensions.

Scam Message: Your Recent Profile

Viewer’s Scam Type: Profile Viewer, Rogue Facebook Application

Trending: August 2013

Why it’s a Scam: Clicking the scam link takes you to a malicious website outside of Facebook

Facebook shares that they do not track you views user web pages.’s-viewing-my-profile-(timeline)-or-how-often-it’s-being-viewed

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