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Windows 8 Security – Overview from Technet August 2013 securtiy newsletter

Key links were featured in AUGUST 2013 Microsoft Security newsletter:

Windows 8 Security Overview Familiarize yourself with the enterprise-grade security features in Windows 8 that can protect your devices and data from unauthorized access and threats like malware. Looking for information on what’s changed in security in Windows 8.1? See What’s New in Windows 8.1 and the Windows 8.1 Preview FAQ.

Securing the Windows 8 Boot Process When you run Windows 8 on a Windows 8 certified PC or any PC that supports Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), Trusted Boot protects your PC from malware from the moment you power your PC on until your antimalware starts. Learn how Trusted Boot provides better startup security for both company- and personally-owned PCs then get answers to common questions with a short demo and the Windows 8 Boot Security FAQ.
Windows RT in the Enterprise: Security Overview Windows RT is designed to leverage all of the security technologies present in Windows 8. Learn how Windows RT not only does supports these technologies, but how many of them are required for all Windows RT devices to help ensure that devices are protected from the first time they are turned on.
Preparing for BitLocker: Planning and Policies When you design your BitLocker deployment strategy, you will need to define the appropriate policies and configuration requirements based on the business requirements of your organization. This article will show you how to collect information that you can use to frame your decision-making process about deploying and managing BitLocker systems. Curious about a specific aspect of BitLocker deployment or management? Check out the BitLocker FAQ.
Demo: Deploy BitLocker with MDT and Windows PowerShell With Windows 8, you can more quickly enable BitLocker Drive Encryption during operating-system deployment. Now you can pre-provision BitLocker before installing Windows 8, and it can encrypt used disk space, rather than encrypting the entire drive. Learn how to deploy BitLocker by using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and Windows PowerShell.
Try It Out: Encrypt Used Space Only BitLocker in Windows 8 introduces Used Disk Space Only encryption, which gives you the option to encrypt only space on the drive that is actively being used. Use this quick step-by-step guide to try this process for yourself.
Manage the Identity Lifecycle Managing identity is ultimately about managing access to your corporate resources. Users authenticate to resources with their identity, then use the properties of that identity (for example, group membership) to get authorized access to resource. See why having a good identity management system in place—with a standard process for provisioning and updating user accounts with their proper groups and other authorizations—helps ensure the right users have access to the right resources.

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