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Internet Explorer 11 – Windows 7 (PC Magazine review)

PC Magazine has informative 3 page article on the new IE 11 release for Windows 7.  Have been successful in installing it with no issues, except for incompatible legacy sites.  And in those cases, the TOOLS and COMPATIBILITY VIEW settings have worked around all issues so far.,2817,2427059,00.asp

QUOTE: Page 3 – Security and Privacy … Some things haven’t changed from version 10. Internet Explorer still sports a whole menu called Safety, from which you can control its class-leading privacy and security protections. These include SmartScreen Filter, which warns you when you try to navigate to malicious sites or download suspected programs. According to a recent study by AV-Comparatives, IE is second to Opera in protecting users from phishing scams. They checked against 294 phishing sites, and came up with these results for success at blocking them: Opera  94.2%, Internet Explorer  82.0%, Chrome  72.4% , Firefox  54.8%

Privacy is where the new IE really shines. As you’ll see on first run, the check box for Do Not Track set to “on” by default, much to the chagrin of Web ad firms. IE11 actually adds a Do Not Track exceptions API to let you selectively be tracked. But far more powerful than DNT is IE’s Tracking Protection feature, which actually blocks third-party interactions and cookie placing based on TPLs—tracking protection lists—created by independent privacy organizations, which you subscribe to. Like all other modern browser’s IE includes a private browsing mode, called InPrivate browsing, that prevents cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and other data from being stored during the browsing session.

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