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Social Networking Security – 85 percent of consumers use Public WiFi

PC Magazine shares awareness of extensive connectivity to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Users need to think ahead of security risk especially with large # of malicious applications in circulation

QUOTE:  They’re so popular, those ubiquitous mobile devices. For better or worse, we’ve evolved into a society that is a texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting, online-banking, TMI-ing, forever-connected, 24/7-kind of world.  And 85% of users are connecting to social media sites via public WiFi!   There’s positives to that, for sure, and is a great way to stay connected. But have you ever considered the negatives when you’re doing all that in a public wireless hotspot? After all, identity theft is a huge epidemic — have you ever thought about the risks to your personal life by using a “free” Internet connection? What information are you (over)sharing? Is that data protected and encrypted from prying eyes? What security tools do you use regularly?



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