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Malwarebytes v2.0 – FAQs and Press announcement

More details on this great new product release:

QUOTE: We have also built in and improved our Anti-Rootkit and Chameleon self-protection technologies, which have been in beta for the past year. Additionally, we’ve rewritten Malicious Website Blocking and improved native x64 support.  Most importantly, our detection and removal engine was significantly improved under the hood and kicks even more malware butt!  With the launch of 2.0, we’ll also be moving to a subscription licensing model, $24.95 per year. As more and more people have come to rely on us for malware protection and cleanup, our costs in bandwidth, hosting fees, infrastructure, salaries of our researchers, QA department and more have grown immensely. Though our company is about more than just making money, we are a company and we do have to make money to pay our staff to continue doing what they love, which is fighting malware.

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