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Leadership – Growth Environment characteristics

Throughout the years, John Maxwell has offered excellent leadership and management training. This post was particularly noteworthy for IT professionals in leadership positions.

QUOTE: One day, I realized that I had never really thought about what a growth environment did look like. What were the characteristics of that environment? I was eager to figure it out, so I could go in search of one. So I created a list of characteristics to look for in any environment, so that I could be sure it was a place where I could grow. This is what I wrote:

In a growth environment,

1. Others are ahead of you.
2. You are continually challenged.
3. Your focus is forward.- “Yesterday ended last night.”
4. The atmosphere is affirming.
5. You are often out of your comfort zone.
6. You wake up excited.
7. Failure is not your enemy.
8. Others are growing.
9. People desire change.
10. Growth is modeled and expected.

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