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Leadership – IT Decision Making Best Practices

Another excellent leadership article from John Maxwell, that has relevance for IT professionals

QUOTE: Entire countries come to a standstill during the World Cup soccer tournament. With such a small margin separating victory and defeat, the decisions made by referees play a significant role in determining the outcome of a match. Like soccer refs, leaders eventually face situations that require making a tough call.

Each tough call has the following in common:

* It demands a risk. If it’s easy or comfortable, then it’s not a tough call

* You will never make a tough call and have unanimous support for your decision.

* It is costly. You will lose sleep over it, sacrifice finances because of it, and perhaps even sever relationships as a consequence of it.

* If made correctly, a tough call will lead to a breakthrough that lifts your leadership to a higher level.

How do make good decisions in circumstances where the right choice is not perfectly clear and where so much is at stake?

1) Makes a timely decision — A referee does not wait several minutes after blowing his whistle to issue his decision.

2) Refuses to surrender the decision to others – A good referee refuses to be swayed by the crowd

3) Does not say “yes” to everything – You’re not making smart decisions if you’re always giving the go-ahead or thumbs-up. By saying “yes” to everyone; you’re not being helpful and empowering. Instead, you’re irresponsibly robbing resources from what matters most.

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