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Anti-Virus Products – JUNE 2014 test scores

AV comparatives recently conducted their “real world” simulation tests for 20 AV products as noted below:

QUOTE: The full report goes into great detail about the exact test methodology. Briefly, researchers install 20 or more antivirus products on identical PCs. Every day they gather the latest malicious URLs and test whether each product protected the system. If the antivirus asks the user whether to block or allow any action, they always choose allow. An antivirus that successfully fends off compromise even when the user makes the wrong choice still gets full credit. If making the wrong choice leads to compromise, it gets half credit.  During May and June, the company’s researchers ran over 4,000 such tests. They also checked for false positives—legitimate URLs or programs wrongly identified as malicious by the antivirus software. A product with more than the average number of false positives can lose points. Nine products successfully protected against 99 percent or more of the samples. Eight of them, including Bitdefender and Kaspersky, earned the top rating, Advanced+.

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