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Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection Test – December 2014

Dennis Technology Labs is an independent software testing firm.  They compared corporate AV products with real-world simulated testing as noted in the comprehensive PDF report

Product Protected Legitimate accuracy Total Accuracy
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 100 100% 100%
Symantec Endpoint Protection 100 100% 100%
Trend Micro OfficeScan and Intrusion Defense Firewall 95 95% 93%
McAfee VirusScan, HIPs and SiteAdvisor 98 87% 88%
Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection 53 100% 64%


This report aims to compare the effectiveness of anti-malware products provided by well-known security companies. The products were exposed to internet threats that were live during the test period. This exposure was carried out in a realistic way, closely reflecting a customer’s experience. These results reflect what would have happened if a user was using one of the products and visited an infected website

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