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Leadership – Become successful by evaluating reasons for failure

Excellent motivational article for managers and project leaders from John Maxwell’s blog

 Thomas A. EdisonI have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Nobody likes to fail. But if we’re honest, we understand that failure is a part of life. There is no success without some amount of failure. Great inventors like Thomas Edison experience a lot of failures on the way to a successful invention. Even the best baseball players strike out much more often than they hit a home run.  Anyone pursuing a goal of value will make mistakes and wrong decisions. So the key is to expect failure, to prepare for it, to be ready to turn it into a lesson and a stepping-stone to success. There is such a thing as a successful failure. These are some of the traits of such a person:

1. Optimism & find the benefit in every bad experience – Thomas Edison expected failure and counted it as one of the costs of finding a way that would work.

2. Responsibility & change your response to failure – Failure is a learning opportunity. If I blame someone else, I’m just cheating myself out of that lesson.

3. Resilience & say goodbye to yesterday – The ability to move on from failure is key to continuing to attempt great things. The mind can only focus on so much, so if we’re still too focused on what we did wrong, we can’t give all of our attention to attempting to do things right.

4. Initiative & take action and face your fear – Facing the unknown, we easily come up with a list of things to worry about. But the act of worrying doesn’t help us at all in accomplishing our goals.

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