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Mozilla 44 – Eleven security vulnerabilities fixed

Mozilla Firefox 44 was recently released with both functional and security improvements

Mozilla adds push notification support and provides 11 security advisories with its latest open-source browser release. Mozilla came out today with its first Firefox browser release for 2016, providing new features and hardened security.  Firefox 44 follows Firefox 43, which was released Dec. 15 and provided improved tracking protection for users. With Firefox 44, Mozilla is adding in the ability for users to get push notifications from sites by making use of the Web Push W3C standard.

As part of the Firefox 44 update, Mozilla is also issuing 11 security advisories for vulnerabilities, of which three are rated critical. Among the critical advisories is MFSA-2016-01, which patches a pair of memory safety flaws identified as CVE-2016-1930 and CVE-2016-2031. There is also a critical patch for a buffer overflow vulnerability identified as CVE-2016-1935. The third critical patch is for three separate vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-1944, CVE-2016-1945 and CVE-2016-1946) that involve unsafe memory manipulations that were found through code inspection.

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