Microsoft releases Security Intelligence Report

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (July – December 2006)
Overview: An in-depth perspective of software vulnerabilities, malicious code threats, and potentially unwanted software, focusing on the second half of 2006.

What I found interesting in their research is the WinFixer group is listed twice in the top six of Rogue Security products.

Ever wonder why you never see any of the WinFixer products listed in legitimate reviews? Looking at the StopBadware report should be enough to convince anyone …

We find that WinAntiVirus 2006 (Unregistered Version) is badware because it makes exaggerated claims of system vulnerability in order to encourage the user to purchase the full version. In essence, WinAntiVirus 2006 (Unregistered Version) belongs to that subset of badware that is often termed “nagware” or “extortionware” — that is, software that exists solely to encourage (generally through deceptive or annoying means) users to upgrade to a full version of the product. In addition, WinAntiVirus 2006 (Unregistered Version) automatically disables Windows Firewall without notifying to the user. It also fails to disclose to the user that the program will run automatically at start-up, continuously run a process in the background, or download updates without user consent.

Wikipedia says: “WinSoftware Ltd is a company that develops fake security software” … these examples and the others I’ve blogged about previously leaves no doubt the type products and tactics they use to dupe the unsuspecting user.

However we still find ValueClick involved … where they get a commission for the sale of these Rogue products …

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Since ValueClick is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: VCLK) perhaps someone should inform the stockholders of just how their money is generated. (hard-core adult sites – depicted images of underage boys) No doubt a FTC investigation would result in a drop in stock prices and the shareholders would want to know why …

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