Yahoo! to Acquire Right Media

Yahoo announced today they will acquire Right Media … let’s hope they clean up the unsavory tactics used by Right Media.

Eweek reports: The Right Media Exchange is the industry’s largest emerging online advertising exchange, which serve up banner ads and other ad formats to less-trafficked parts of Web sites than traditional premium ad networks, which target busy Web sites.

banner ads and other ad formats to less-trafficked parts of Web sites” … now there is a statement! … I have observed them advertising on Warez sites, and many many other highly questionable sites. Sandi Hardmeier  a long time Microsoft MVP reports on her blogRight Media was implicated in the distribution of winfixer malware” … ouch!

On a hunch I browsed over to Yahoo and to my dismay I find Yahoo sponsoring the WinFixer gang too! …

And yes that link circled in red routes the user thru you guessed it “” (ValueClick) … so not only is Yahoo getting a piece of the revenue, so is ValueClick. Looks like Yahoo has a little explaining to do … as I have blogged about the connection between the WinFixer group and ValueClick quite a few times … [1] [2] [3] [4]

Lawsuit Filed Against Winfixer (a/k/a ErrorSafe, WinAntiSpyware, WinAntiVirus, SystemDoctor and DriveCleaner)

A Yahoo search for “systemdoctor” (1 – 10 of about 217,000)

the #2 Result:
redirects to:
redirects to:

That’s in start contrast to a Google search for the same term = This site may harm your computer

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  1. Terry’s decision-making on this matter explains a wealth of other user satisfaction problems across the board at yahoo. Reda the suggestion forums for Y! Ansers and Y! Groups sometime. You can see them trying but you can’t see them getting it right very often.

    Usually, when things start to get problematic for the end users, it the people at the top that are the real problem.

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