Affiliates Gone Wild!

While doing a little follow-up research on “” (ValueClick) I ran across this gem …

Your Guide to Mediaplex Detection & Removal … which goes on to describe the “MediaPlex infection”

Mediaplex is a tracking cookie that tracks your Internet surfing habits such as Web sites visited, and sends the information to a third-party server where it can be analyzed for marketing purposes. When installed, Mediaplex cookie can potentially record any data including sensitive information from your computer.

Now that must be one hell of a Cookie to do all that! … of course this is a extremely exaggerated claim. There is no evidence that a Mediaplex cookie is involved in any of this type activity. It’s just another example of an “Enigma Software” affiliate out of control. There is a discussion on this type activity at Spywarewarrior, however it appears to me Enigma is simply on a fishing trip to obtain info to try to put a halt to all the negative opinions they have been getting lately.

Anyway back to ValueClick … oh my! Valueclick’s Sleazy Lead-Gen Biz Creates Regulatory Risk

RBC’s Jordan Rohan out with a note today arguing that Valueclick’s WebClients business engages in sleazy practices that may violate DMA/IAB guidelines and, therefore, invite regulatory scrutiny.  Jordan estimates that such practices account for a third of Valueclick’s revenue and, importantly, most of the company’s outperformance over the past year.

sleazy practices” … well I can certainly attest to that given their relationship with the WinFixer group. If there is a FTC investigation I will forward all the research I have to the powers to be …

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