WinFixer – here we go again

Landing on “damiboy(dot)com” a Google.Warning site the viewer gets whacked automatically with several exploits and for good measure … several Rogue products … better have your layered protection in order!

As soon as I landed on the site my AV NOD32 jumped up with the below … as you can see the site also tries to load a exploit via Java. Which I do not have installed … just for that reason, Sun can not seem to keep up with the exploits of their software.

Let’s look at the cast of characters involved, and their are many …

The 502 sites you see in red are already in my HOSTS file, the others will be added to the next update. Nice place for the WinFixer Group to hawk their bogus software. I really feel sorry for anyone that lands on this site that doesn’t have adequate protection.

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