LimeWire and Media Usage Rights Acquisition

I saw several messages posted on Forums relating to “LimeWire and Media Usage Rights Acquisition”. While LimeWire is Adware/Spyware free, the files you download (P2P) may not be …

I’m a real novice on Limewire, so I’m hoping you will excuse me if this is a dumb question. I downloaded a track and tried to play it, but a window opened, called Media Usage Rights Acquisition, with the address mediaprovider(dot)info. I opened the window and it started downloading a program, which I thought would allow me to play the music. I still can’t get the music to play, but now I have a program called Mirar that I can’t uninstall. It has stuck itself into my toolbar and I can’t make it go away. Any suggestions? [link here]
I have recently downloaded lime wire. the first three music track downloads played no problem, now the tracks are suddenly protected and take me to media usage rights acquisition ( or Mediaprovider(dot)info . Both wanting me to download software in order to play the tracks. [link here]

Ok, so let’s browse over to “Mediaprovider(dot)info” and see what’s up … uh-oh!

Adware.Mirar attempts to find Web pages that are related to the Web page currently being viewed. It also displays advertisements based on the URLs and search terms used while navigating the Internet. It will also attempt to download and install the Mirar toolbar from a predetermined Web site. This toolbar is also detected as Adware.Mirar.

Having to download additional software just to play a file you already downloaded should be a clue that something is not right. And you may just find yourself under a RIAA Investigation (Recording Industry Association of America)

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  1. want access to my media music

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