Should Goverment sites use 3rd Party Tracking Services

Recently I received an email from one of my HOSTS file users that was concerned about sending his information filled out on a “.gov” site that routes thru BraveNet – a 3rd party Tracking Service.

The site in question is “West Nile Virus Report a dead bird in King County

As you can see when you fill out the requested information for this report -
Name, Phone Number, and Email address, the disturbing part is when you press Send, as you can see it is sent thru

Nowhere on their site do they disclose that your information is being routed thru a 3rd party
[Terms of Service] [Privacy Policy] nor do they take into account that if “*” is an entry in the Internet Explorer “Restricted Zone” that the report will fail … also fails to disclose that in sending this report that BraveNet also sets a 3rd party “Tracking Cookie

Set-Cookie: HASCOOKIES=1; expires=Tue, 01 Aug 2017 03:46:42 GMT; path=/;

This type of activity has come into question before “ Uses Cookies, Bugs” and basically erodes the public trust in Government sites … I find this another “What were they thinking?”

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