Spyware Terminator not ready for Prime Time

Reading the latest review at PCMag about Spyware Terminator … looks like it’s not ready for Prime Time.

Incomplete malware removal put another system into a blue-screen death spiral, crashing and rebooting over and over. But Spyware Terminator’s tech experts identified the problem by rooting through a crash-dump file. They recommended a manual removal technique that put this system back on track

How are you supposed to contact “Spyware Terminator’s tech experts” when your machine won’t boot? … duh! The majority of folks would simply download their product, install and run a scan … how would you know who to call?

From the Crawler Toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox you can launch a spyware scan, get information about the current site’s security rating

Toolbar? … what Toolbar … seems Neil failed to mention that you must accept their Toolbar in addition to Spyware Terminator. Oh well … from the looks of the review the Toolbar doesn’t offer much either.

Spyware Terminator looks tough and talks tough, but when it comes to protecting your system against malicious software and phishing, it’s a wimp.”

Ouch … appears Crawler needs to do some major rewriting of their application …

Now I must say that the HOSTS file had entries that pertained to crawler.com, due to their Toolbar being detected as adware. However in scanning their latest download “CrawlerToolbarSetup.exe” it scans clean at VirusTotal. With that in mind I am removing those entries and this will reflect in the next update.

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  1. Just a thought, PCMag has always given payware better reviews than freeware and is a for profit organization with a yearn for sponsors. Nough said?

  2. No, you do not need to install the Toolbar to use ST. You can deselect that option on install.

    ST is generally getting good reviews in terms of its detection ability, although I don’t recommend using it in isolation, just as I don’t recommend using any malware tool in isolation. None of them are adequate to detect everything.

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