More Exploit sites

Landing on “voyeurcampic(dot)com” my Antivirus (NOD32) jumps up with the following warning …

NOD32 halts the loading of any further content and offers to Terminate (I like that description) the connection. So I investigate that site first thru Google and then check the Whois info … oh this is not good!

Well as you can see Google reports that “This site may harm your computer” … yeah I’d say so … so checking the Registration info we find that it’s Hosted at Intercage Inc (well known for allowing exploits) and Registered thru EstDomains and then the Whois info is protected/hidden by ““.

Seems like they went thru a lot of trouble to hide their identity … and they are running quite a few sites with similar exploits. = 59 sites = 15 sites = 10 sites

I already had the sites in the first two IP addresses listed in the HOSTS file and I’ve added the 10 from the last one … wow 84 sites all linked to each other not counting other outside sites that may link to them … ever get the feeling the Internet is becoming a dangerous place?

Ok … let’s see what McAfee’s SiteAdvisor says : “No results found” even though that site was registered in July 07.
How about “ExploitLabs LinkScanner” = “Congratulations! LinkScanner Online did not find any exploits.” … ouch!

Be careful out there folks …

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