Spamdexing to promote Malware

Spamdexing is becoming an ever increasing problem … sadly with no letdown in sight. In this case these culprits purchase and set up a huge amount of what I call throw-away domain names. Then they use special software to post bogus topics to Forums that usually fail their software updated. Then search engine index these sites and … well you can guess the rest.

In the above example you can see they use the names of famous female stars to entice you into clicking the (highlighted) link.
Google Results: 1 – 10 of about 175,000 (wow that’s a lot of posting!)

Different female stars … same trick … click here to see a Movie from some site you never heard of …
Google Results: 1 – 10 of about 128,000

Are these two sites related? you betcha! But not just two sites, there are 149 sites hosted on this server. And every one of them redirects to a Trojan.Codec site. If a certain Trojan.Codec site gets shut down, they simply redirect you to a different site, so the link Spammed to all these Forums remains valid.

Now you take the amount of posts per domain name and multiply that by the amount of sites just running on this one server and you can see why Spamdexing is such a problem.

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