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Another poorly detected Trojan.Zlob

Landing on “thesuperxxx(dot)com” the visitor is presented with a bogus “Message Box Object error“ Clicking any of the above buttons leads to prompts “You must install … yada yada” to view the movie. There are 10 other sites involved in this latest Trojan.Zlob (Codec) infection. All these sites will be added to the next HOSTS […]

Several new Rogue Antispyware products on the loose

It seems like every week there is a new rash of Rogue Antispyware products, and the list keeps growing and growing. One of the latest is “spywarelocker(dot)com”, which uses bogus scan results in an effort to get the unsuspecting user to purchase their products. Never believe these “Success Stories” as these are bogus also … […]

MVPS HOSTS File Update 09-21-07

The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [09-21-07] Download: (144 kb) How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file HOSTS File – Frequently Asked Questions Note: the “text” version makes a great resource for determining possible culprits … (626 kb) Sign up for HOSTS file update notices

How safe are MySpace Trackers

Well certainly not this one … I landed here quite by accident while researching something else … As you can see (again) Vista/IE7 jumps up with a warning prompting the user prior to allowing … in this case another exploit to enter the system. It appears to me that StalkerTrack has been hacked and malicious code […]

Ad-blocking software comes under fire

I read an article today on CNET stating that ad-blocking software may be illegal … yeah right! The article goes on to make a mis-leading analogy to removing/avoiding TV ads from taped programs. For it to be illegal (to block Internet content) there would have to be some law that made blocking of ads an illegal act. […]

Can you spot the fake

Hopefully it should be easy to spot the fake … at first I thought this was some kind of a Phishing site, but it appears they are using all the content from CNet’s MP3 site for some unknown reason. Well other than to infect your system. As I mentioned before any time you see that warning “Remote […]

Beware of Misleading Advertisements

Beware of advertisements that offer to scan your machine for errors! You may end up with more than you bargained for …Clicking on the below ad routes you to “spyshredder-scanner(dot)com” … Well let’s see if I have any of the above issues or errors … oops! Yeah my system “might be at risk!” … but […]

RightMedia implicated again in Trojan attack

Brian Krebs posted an article “Banner Ad Trojan Served on MySpace, Photobucket“, although this is not the first time RightMedia (now owned by Yahoo) has been discovered serving up malicious code via their servers. I blogged about this previously, as has Sandi Hardmeier reports “Right Media was implicated in the distribution of winfixer malware“. Brian […]

Jamespot hacked

Landing on “jamespot(dot)com” the visitor is presented with the following Internet Explorer 7 warning … Folks any time you see that warning “Remote Data Services Data Control” watch out! … this is NOT from Microsoft! This is the generic warning IE7 throws up when an exploit is trying to enter the system. Can you spot […]

Beware of Imposters

It recently came to my attention that it looks like a large portion of the content of my HOSTS file was being used in another so-called HOSTS file … not only is this a copyright violation, it also violates the software license posted on my site. Disclaimer: this file is free to use for personal […]